On the edge of a dead empire,

a retired elf adventurer made his home. As the days on his farm grew longer, he grew restless, needing something to occupy his mind. Not long after that, he discovered a changeling baby abandoned in the woods.

Taking her in to care for as his own, he soon found other lost children; an elf, a goblin, and a goliath. One by one, the hodge-podge family grew. As the children matured, he began teaching them the adventurer’s life, not out of any real desire to see them follow the same path he did, but more due to the simple realities of dangerous frontier life.

But the father, try as he might, could not contain his wanderlust forever. He departed, promising to return soon after investigating a remnant of the old empire. The children did not worry overmuch, as he always kept his word. Now they find themselves of age and alone, the supposed masters of their own fate…

Ashes of Nerath

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