Ashes of Nerath

On Douven's Trail

Days Overdue: 3

The party cleared out Kobold Hall in the Cloak Wood. It was infested by kobolds of the Skull Kicker tribe, who were being overseen by a white dragon named Szartharrax.

The party managed to slay the dragon and returned home with the spoils.

Finally, the two weeks went by since Douven’s departure, and the foster siblings sat waiting for him to return. Nightfall came, and still he was nowhere to be seen. When they awoke, he had still not arrived. Thinking perhaps that he meant two weeks from the day he left, they waited one more day. The next morning, their foster father was still gone. Douven was never late. Ever.

Worried, they went to Teldorthan. When they arrived, the found a man recently arrived on a caravan from Winterhaven who was trying to sell Teldorthan an amulet…one they recognized as belonging to their foster father. They set upon the man, pinning him down and demanding to know where he found it.

Terrified, he explained that a woman in Winterhaven had sold it to him at a steal, and he was trying to sell it at a profit in Fallcrest. He didn’t know who Douven was. The group demanded that the man come with them to identify the woman. Teldorthan managed to talk them down, explaining that what they were about to do was tantamount to kidnapping and possibly murder, since they were probably headed directly into trouble that this man wasn’t equipped or trained to deal with. The group grudgingly relented. Teldorthan urged them to fetch their gear while he got horses ready for them. If their father was in trouble, time was of the essence.

The group rode to Winterhaven, encountering a group of kobolds along the way. This city was apparently having problems of its own with the vicious beasts. The guards at the gate directed them to Wrafton’s Inn if they were looking for Douven.

After speaking with the proprietor and an old farmer named Eilian, they learned that Douven had arrived a little over two weeks ago, stayed a night, and departed the next day, headed south. According to Eilian, Douven had asked about a dragon burial ground, and Eilian had drawn him a map. The group acquired another map from Eilian. They also learned of an elf huntress named Ninaran who might match the description of the woman who sold the traveler Douven’s amulet.

After speaking with Lord Padraig, they learned that Winterhaven is suffering from kobold attacks on trade routes, but they have little manpower to do anything about it. He indicated that if the group were able to help them, they would not find the town ungrateful.

After speaking with Valthrun, the group learned that a likely place to find artifacts from the Nerathi Empire would be at the keep off in the distance, but that Douven had never consulted him on it. When pressed for more information on the keep, he grew withdrawn, urging that some things are better left buried.

“Love all, trust a few.” – Douven Staul, raising his kids right.

“But always cut the cards.” – Douven Staul, always thinking about the next hand.



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