Ashes of Nerath

The Story So Far...

Campaign blog

The campaign opened in Fallcrest with Douven completing a training exercise with the group in which he was blindfolded and unarmored. After several near misses, they were finally able to draw blood on him. Satisfied that if they could do that then they would be able to handle a modicum of danger on their own, he dismissed them for the day to do with as they saw fit.

Nil, Sid, and Rolina visited the Lucky Gnome. Nil sought to make some money repairing broken furniture, while Sid sought a gig performing. The proprietor, Kelson, agreed on the condition that Sid brought in the trained tiger she claimed to have.

Nil went to Teldorthan’s Arms, seeking more of the same employment. He found it, and when he inquired about other work, Teldorthan mentioned that he might have something, having noticed that Douven had been training them up. Perplexed, Nil asked for an explanation, and Teldorthan explained that it was obvious that Douven was training them to be more capable than the average person. He mentioned a shipment of dragon scales had been taken during a caravan raid. He needed them to complete a commissioned work. He told Nil to bring his siblings if they were interested, as retrieving the scales would probably require all of them.

Rolina went to the Septarch’s Tower to buy ritual components. After conversing briefly with Nimozaran, the conversation turned to problems with kobold attacks. He said the attacks had been more coordinated as of late, indicating that an actual figurehead had arisen in their ranks, one with an agenda.

Back at the farm, Douven told Thothum that he would be leaving soon to go check out a lead on a pre-imperial relic. He said he would be back in two weeks, but that he wanted him to keep an eye on the others and to help get them out of trouble if it happened. Thothum promptly forgot most of the message and went off in search of the others.

The group spoke to Teldorthan, and they settled on a fee of 225 gold to track down his green dragon scales and return them.

The group met back up at the Lucky Gnome, where Rolina shape changed into a tiger. The group went in and performed, acting as a group to perform “dangerous” tricks with illusory fire. A full scale riot erupted when a “volunteer” from the audience was pushed forward to wrestle the tiger. Kelson couldn’t have been happier and asked them to come back next week.

On the way back home they passed over the Five-Arch Bridge, and Sid disguised herself as Douven for the trip to avoid paying the toll. After a brief exchange of words with Sergeant Thurmina, Sid suspected that Douven might have some kind of physical relationship with her.

Upon getting home, the group ate dinner with Douven, who confirmed that he would indeed be departing soon. He promised to be back in two weeks, and gave the group his blessing to go deal with the kobold raids.

“If you have the power to right a wrong, but choose to do nothing, you become complicit in that evil.” – Douven Staul, raising his kids right.

“Or it might mean you’re a god.” – Douven Staul, waxing philosophical after a few glasses of brandy.



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